Salman Lakhani, CEO, Cubix.

Would you ever call someone over to your home without first establishing a minimum level of trust?

Like a lot of people, I exercise caution. Hiring people for my business is no different. I treat candidates well, but I am cautious when I take them on as my employees.

Before you let a person in, you must have some idea of their temperament. I always feel the need to trust the individual I hire. I know it’s going to be a gamble, as it’s difficult to predict how your latest hire may turn out. …

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Today app-focused products are a norm for a number of reasons. Application development is not a choice; it’s a necessity for fast-forward businesses who continuously want to be present online for their customers.

More and more businesses are considering to develop professional apps for business escalation. The first question that comes in every mind while considering mobile app development is how much does the app development cost.

Your app cost estimation largely depends on a number of factors including your…

I am Salman Lakhani, the Founder and CEO of Cubix. have been hiring people for over two decades now. I can confidently say that I have hired more than 500 people in three different countries and for various positions. There is only one simple rule I follow when selecting candidates. I make sure that I am not the smarter one in the room. It must always be the candidate and not me!

With years and years of experience in the field, I have gained sufficient knowledge and developed different expertise. You would wonder if it’s fair to expect the candidates…

The last couple of years have been all about mobile apps and smartphone-dependent businesses. Uber is one example that brought a revolution in the business world with the concept of ride-sharing and on-demand delivery. There was no looking back. We’ve witnessed apps for anything and everything, be it ordering food in the middle of the night or getting bills paid. Business apps are quite a success, and nowadays it seems that everyone is planning to automate an otherwise manual business model. But having a fascinating app idea that surprises the audience is not enough; a well-crafted business plan is what…

When we think about software or tech outsourcing the most common destinations that come to mind are Colombia, Russia, India, Philippines, China, Mexico and many others. These locations are considered great for outsourcing but over-crowding is not only hurting the quality but also diminishing the value that business are able to realize. As most businesses do not have the multi-million dollars budgets to spend with vendors, so they find themselves working with the lower tier vendors who remain limited in their ability to hire and retain exceptional talent.

As the result of these rising challenges and limitations, multiple alternate offshore…

As an avid reader, I am habitual of reading on various publishing mediums and recently, I read some brilliant thoughts posted by Viqar Islam, Director and CEO of Jaffer Business Systems. Sharing an excerpt from his article here that is:

“It is quite common for me to meet people with 10 years of experience having switched 6 employments and looking for 7th now. Having 5 years and 3–4 jobs. Why would you do this to yourself? You don’t give any chance to yourself to succeed. …

As the founder of Cubix, a digital product development company, I receive lots of queries in my LinkedIn Inmail regarding how to raise funding for an app. The website of Cubix is always flooded with the same question and I always thought of writing a brief guide on this topic.

With apps booming globally, almost every techpreneur has an app idea in his mind but the problem is as always — lack of funds and as you know, ideas are nothing without execution. …

Salman Lakhani

10 Years ago

Rewind my life to 10 years and there I was, thinking about a company that builds digital products. At that time, I just had two jobs on my resume and the rest became history.

Now that I look back, I couldn’t even imagine the struggle I had from writing code all day long to founding a company with 150+ employees. There in between, I had dream, I made heaps of blunders and received a lot of help from different people.

What I learned….

The hardest part for me was to give up all the control I had. I thought everything at the beginning…

Salman Lakhani, CEO, Cubix Inc.

Google the word “entrepreneur” and you will get heaps of buzzwords such as “Think Big”, “Think Global”, etc. In my opinion, being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to start another Amazon or Microsoft. For me, entrepreneurship is simple. It is identifying problems that you face in your routine life and solving them in an effective and creative manner.

However, in this article, I am largely focusing on own experiences, I have kickstarted various businesses and as I mentioned in the rest of the blog, few of them succeeded while a majority of them failed. I have invested in 5…

Generating leads isn’t an easy task. Facing decision makers is difficult too but nailing a deal successfully is undoubtedly the hardest among them all.

Recently, I was invited to few events and industry’s leading summits as a mentor. While interacting with the audience, I observed two common things. Firstly, they were inspired by my rags to riches story and secondly, they were curious about how team Cubix excels at closing deals more than its competitors?

Instantly, it made me recall an email I received last week from a sales guy working at one of our competitor’s company. …

Salman Lakhani

From North America to South Asia, Salman is known as an expert in mobile, startups, product strategy, software development user experiences and e-commerce biz.

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